Muse manechine abstracte dama Hans Boodt

Muse reprezinta o colectie de 18 manechine dama disponibile in nunata standard nude mat sau alb mat cu brate flexibile.

Muse este o colectie premium de manechine realizate si finisate pana la cel mai mic detaliu. Pozitiile exprima feminitate, eleganta, lux dar si dinamism creand astfel prezentari ce nu vor fi monotone niciodata.
O trasatura aparte al acestei colectii o reprezinta pozitiile simetrice sau in oglinda al aceluias manechin, obtinand astfel efecte vizuale foarte puternice cu tenta moderna si dinamica.

Colectia de 18 pozitii este disponibila si cu brate de lemn flexibile finisate in diverse naunte si corp alb mat. De asemenea la cerere capul manechinului paote fi customizat trecand de la trasaturi abstracte la trasaturi realistice.

Varianta Muse cu brate flexibile = 875euro


Meet Muse. Hans Boodt Mannequins’ newest premium collection that reflects the creative energy and feminity of a confident woman. The Muse mannequin collection brings sophisticated, elegant, symmetrical new beauties. The collection has a pure kind of beauty and makes a statement of modern luxury that expresses self-confidence, style and creativity. With her tall genes and attitude, the Muse mannequin represents a powerful and inspiring woman.


Muse mannequins reflect the creative energy and femininity of the modern women. She is filled with admiration for her creator. The collection brings 18 abstract and feminine mannequin positions, both in abstract or realistic or with wooden, articulated arms. Sweet, soft and soapy but strong and full of self-confidence at the same time. Muse… Never unnoticed.


Pose the Muse mannequins side by side, back to back or face to face. They will be in pure harmony, completely mirrored. In perfect symmetry.
Elegant lines and fine fabrics accentuate the smooth and silky skin of Muse. Long lengths in garment will give her a graceful and light look.


The Muse mannequin collection is available in abstract with a nude matt finish, matt white with wooden, articulated arms or realistic in skin tone with make-up.

Standard finish:
nude matt
Head options: 3
Muse mannequins include: round glass base

The Muse mannequin collection includes the Flexfit program, ensuring more usability and better quality. Want to know more? You can read all about our Flexfit program here.
Endless possibilities. Want another head option? No problem. Different finish on your mannequin? We’ll take care of it. Everything is possible on request. All you have to do is contact us.

The Muse mannequin collection is designed and developed, 3D sculpted and 3D printed in-house. Visit our online 3D Studio and see how we work.
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