Elys Tr Fashion 30w 2050lm - reflector led pentru magazine fashion - SLE

Iluminarea corecta a magazinelor fashion

Elys TR Fashion - este un spot led profesional pe sina conceput special pentru iluminarea spatiilor comerciale si cu precadere a magazinelor ce comercializeaza produse vestimentare.
Indicele de redare al culorilor pentru spotului Elys Fashion este de 98+ iar acest aspect il recomanda pentru zona de fashion. Datorita acestui indice ridicat de redare al culorile, produsele vestimentare expuse in magazin nu isi vor modifica nuanta la lumina zilei. Este destul de des intalnita problema redarii culorilor in magazin si se remarca acest aspect cand un produs are o anumita culoare in magazin si cu totul alta culoare la lumina zilei.

Pentru acest motiv el este conceput special pentru magazine vestimentare, deoarece nu modifica nuantele produselor expuse.
Lumina este bine conturata si echilibrata pentru a pune in evidenta tinutele si pentru a face mediul de shoping placut.

Pretul afisat este pentru un spot cu urmatoarele caracteristici:
ELYS FASHION reflector pe sina cu balast incorporat - 30w -2050lm - 3000k - 230 - spot dimabil

Pentru o alta configuratie de spot ce poate implica: unghi de deschidere de (9 , 23, 34 sau 53 de grade) putere (22w, 24w, 30w) , spot dimabil sau nu, temperatura de culoare - va rugam sa ne adresati o cere pe mail.

Gama Elys fashion mai contine si spotul Elys Fashion SR. Acest model este identic ca si proprietati cu modelul pe sina doar ca necesita fixare aparenta pe tavan si balast separat.


ELYS TR FASHION People choose what they buy based on colour, that is not news, especially when it comes to clothes. Your customers should see the true value of products displayed in your stores. Try this fully adjustable luminaire whose characteristic features are three different beam angles, exceptional reflector efficiency of 94%, outstanding CRI 98, and natural colouring for all colour tones, even white.

Outstanding color rendering
CRI 98+ is achieved by the use of Xicato LED engines. Experience an excellent color rendering from R1 - R15 including exceptional high R9 for red tones.

One of the key ways that cus-tomers as individuals realise and project their unique char-acter is through their fashion and accessory choices, each possessing their own cocktail of sensitivities to different feelings, thoughts and ideas. Light plays an irreplaceable role in the perception of a store’s philosophy and how customers connect their per-sonal identity with that of the brand, it can be the ‘make or break’ element of a store’s design. For large brands with many stores it is often the case that the same design rules are followed in every establishment, with the cho-sen corporate lighting design being one of the easiest and most powerful ways by which to distinctly communicate the unique brand style across many geographically discon-nected locations.

In smaller stores accent lighting alone can provide high enough levels of illumination for easy navigation, however in larger stores it is necessary to also use general lighting to ensure the required level of 􀀂00 lux (horizontally at 0.75 m above the floor). But it must be noted that general illumination plays a secondary role only, whilst vertical illumination fulfils
the task of illuminating and modelling merchandise in a dramatic and captivating way. A minimum ratio of 2:1 vertical to horizontal illumination must be maintained. It is also key in these larger spaces, where the combination of open space and darker areas can make custom-ers feel insecure, that the gen-eral and accent lighting have an overall high enough level to make sure that customers feel comfortable.

Another way to emphasise key points within the store is to use coloured light, whether it be the colour temperature or the use of RGBW lighting. The colour temperature used for each product can have an impact on how it is perceived, with warm light bringing out the natural hues of leather, or cool light making bright coloured gar-ments look vibrant. In a store where many varied goods are displayed it is best to use one neutral colour temperature,
or if possible to separate the store into zones according to the type of merchandise with each area illuminated with a different colour temperature. It is also possible that colour temperatures can be adapted to the time of day or season so that the light inside reflects the natural and pleasant ambience of daylight, which has a positive effect on customer wellbe-ing and therefore perception. By using RGBW lighting it is possible to create dynamic scenes to entertain as well as attract customers. Coloured lighting can underscore trends and seasons and show certain
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Pret fara tva * 135 EUR
TERMEN LIVRARE 4-7 zile **

*Preturile pot suferi modificari datorate schimbarilor neanuntate ale furnizorilor (lichidari de stoc sau majorari). Pentru fiecare produs in parte puteti solicita pe mail detalii si va transmitem pretul actualizat.

**Produsele se aduc pe baza de comanda, iar termenul de livrare variaza in functie disponibilitatea produsului si al cantitatii solicitate in momentul comenzii. Termenul de livrare afisat de 4-7 zile se refera la produse existente in stocul furnizorului in Europa. Daca produsul comandat nu exista pe stoc, va comunicam un termen de livrare.

PRETUL NU INCLUDE TAXA DE TRANSPORT. Livrarea acestor produselor implica un cost de transport international pe care il calculam separat pentru fiecare comanda in parte. Se iau in calcul cantitatea comandata, greutatea coletului si modalitatea de livrare solicitata (transport aerian sau terestru). Pentru comenzi cu volum mic apelam la serviciile unei firme de curierat international (DPD, TNT, DHL, FEDEX) iar pentru comenzi cu un volum mai mare putem negocia transport direct cu o firma de cargo locala. INCERCAM PENTRU FIECARE COMANDA SA OBTINEM CEL MAI BUN PRET DE TRANSPORT SI CU LIVRAREA CAT MAI RAPIDA.

Nota informare prelucrarea datelor personale

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